Wedding Cake or Dessert Bar?

When it comes to choosing between a wedding cake vs. a dessert bar, the choice is simple-both! Tradition is important. In 2017, more people are mixing tradition with their own personal spin by adding a dessert bar to their wedding. Having a wedding cake and a dessert bar adds flare.

Dessert bars are elegant and they cater to your guests by offering options: small pies chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, and other varieties of lip smacking tarts and treats. Having variety is always a good thing. A dessert bar is a sweet and simple way to please your guests. and who doesn’t like having their pick of chocolates!
Couples still include a small wedding cake in their orders. Ask your wedding caterer to prepare a wedding cake for 50%-70% of guests and and 60% for the dessert bar. Traditional wedding cakes serve as a centerpiece, surrounded by plates of garnished decadent mouthwatering rich chocolates, gooey mochi cakes, buttery baklavas, and macaroons. This adds a personalized touch to the wedding and a creative way to represent different cultures.

What separates us from other wedding catering companies in Sonoma County is that our lead chef specializes in fusion cuisine and pastries. Finding the right wedding caterer for your special day is key. Through experience, we have seen an increase of couples choosing dessert bars as a way to collaborate and present both of their favorite desserts and dishes that represent family traditions. How sweet!