Choosing Between Family Style vs. Plated Meals for Your Event


Here at The Cook and the Drummer, we consider ourselves to be artists. With serving plated meals at a wedding, you have the option to show your creative side, which is why we prefer plated meals over family-style serving for wedding and formal events.  


Garnishing is an art. A simple addition of a sprig of thyme to a savory dish or a gentle sprinkling of chocolate on top of a cake can make all of the difference. It adds a touch of magic. Food is an art. A  great enjoyment comes from visual presentation of the meal.It adds elegance to a wedding or any other type of formal event.


A family style meal takes the glamor out of the occasion. It adds an element of the every-day commonality of serving one’s self. Anyone can make a large batch of food and serve themselves-it’s another thing to not only be served but to be served with synchronicity and grace. The Cook and the Drummer’s French-bistro trained servers carry themselves with poise. Guests receive meals at the same time. Since each meal is preselected, The advantage of serving plated meals is that we, the wedding caterers, will know exactly how much food to purchase for your guests. Serving plated meals gives clients more control over how much food to purchase, lowering food waste and costs. It’s also nice to have everyone on the same-page. With plated-meals at a wedding, people generally finish eating at the same time so that people can direct  their attention on toasts, speeches, and dancing, generating a nice flow for the event.
We pride ourselves as being one of the best caterers in Sonoma County. The plated meals we serve are as delicious as they are beautiful. It’s the little things that count. At your wedding, ensure that every details shines. Add flavor and flare to your meal by serving plated cuisine at your wedding.